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Ted Thomas -The World's Leading Authority on
Tax Lien Certificates & Tax Deeds Investing

Ted Thomas
Ted Thomas
World's Leading Authority on Tax Lien Certificates & Tax Deeds Investing.

Every week, Ted and his coaches are there to answer your questions and help you meet any Tax Liens or Tax Deeds challenges.

Have access to one of the largest library in the world of success material for tax lien certificates and tax deeds entrepreneurs.

Get on the right path from the get-go with an online learning platform that will lead you all the way.

What Our Students Have to Say

I just really appreciate Ted even having this program, and the support that he offers has been nothing short of amazing. I've bought more properties than I would have dreamed possible. In my first year, I bought seven different properties. I sold them and made over $125,000. I mean, is that amazing for somebody who had no experience at this, didn't know anything? I didn't even know what a tax deed was.
Puff Darlin
Single Mom
I really thought it's going to be hard, and I was prepared for it to be hard. And it was not. It was just... I've got to say the material was really good guidance, because I felt like if I didn't have the material, it could have been a lot harder because I didn't know what to do, what to ask, where to go. Should I ask those questions? To what office do I go? The material has been very, very helpful for me.
JP Cloutier
Small Business Owner
I learned quite a lot when I decided to go to a Ted Thomas workshop. From there on I actually went to an auction with my coach, though I had never been to an auction before. So I did the buying tour with my coach and in retrospect I can tell you this: I realized that in that hotel it was an awakening for me. It was totally different than what I had been looking at before. What I absorbed from that workshop and actually experienced in that buying tour alone was well worth every penny. And that was just the beginning.
Juanita Woodhouse
I was so excited after taking Ted's course in Tax Deeds in Canada, that right after it, I hopped on a plane to Florida and with the new knowledge acquired I able to buy a property at my second auction. This property was a dream come true. It was on a canal at Clear Water Beach, FL in a prestigious area called Island Estates. The location was fantastic. With renovations included I invested $67K and not late after that a tenant offers to lease it on a 5 year deal at $1,400 a month. That's $20K in my first deal after taking Ted's course.
Joe Rickards
Real Estate Investor

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